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Basic Requirements-These requirements are not only for the safety of our riders, but also our volunteers, staff, and horses

1.) Riders must be under our current weight limit, which is subject to change based on our herd.

  • Able-bodied limit: For riders will full use of their lower body that are able to sit upright, balanced, and unassisted-  235 lbs.
  • Physical challenges limit: For riders that require physical support to maintain balance, are unable to sit upright unassisted, or have limited lower body strength or function- 170 lbs

2.) Must be at LEAST 6 years old at time of application, there is no maximum age.

3.) Must be willing to wear required safety equipment including:

  • Helmet
  • Closed toe shoes (boots or tennis shoes are appropriate)
  • Weather appropriate clothing

4.) Ability to sit upright, support their head, and control their neck.

5.) Ability to refrain from inappropriate behaviors (as listed in our Guidelines for Discharge or Participants from Program Activities-see attachment below for more information)